The Research Excellence Award

The Research Excellence Award of The Combustion Institute is given to registered CI members who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, have published excellent research papers that have had a major impact on the field of combustion science. Impact is determined by several factors, one of which is the number of citations to papers that have been published in Combustion and Flame, PROCI, Combustion Science and Technology and Combustion Theory and Modelling. Members who are not eligible for this award are Fellows of the Combustion Institute, Gold medal winners, past and present Board members and Editors of Combustion and Flame and PROCI. In future years, previous winners of this award are not eligible to receive it again.

2020 Recipients

Xue-Song Bai
Ramanarayanan Balachandran
John B. Bell
Guillaume Blanquart
Michael P. Burke
Christian Chauveau
Nasser Darabiha
Guillaume Dayma
Stephen Dooley
Matthew J. Dunn
Seth B. Dworkin
Aamir Farooq
Benoît Fiorina
Alessio Frassoldati


Christer Fureby
Olivier Gicquel
Pierre-Alexandre Glaude
Fabien Halter
Olivier Herbinet
Matthias Ihme
Tina Kasper
Yuyang Li
Tianfeng Lu
Michael Mueller
Matthew Oehlschlaeger
Timothy Ombrello
Guillermo Rein


Bruno Renou
S. Mani Sarathy
Thierry Schuller
Laurent Selle
Baptiste Sirjean
Steven Forrest Son
Adam Steinberg
Michael Stöhr
Subith S. Vasu
Zhandong Wang
Bin Yang
Xiaolin Zheng
Kuiwen Zhang