Women in Combustion

Women in Combustion (WiC) is made up of industry professionals, students, professors and government workers whose goal is to promote and advance women in the field of combustion. All women in our international combustion community have the opportunity to participate in networking sessions, discussion groups, and coffee breaks at conferences.

The initial meeting of Women in Combustion convened at the 5th US National Combustion Institute meeting, 25 through 28 March 2007, in San Diego, CA, United States. It is our goal to conduct WiC gatherings at every conference.

Benefits of participating in WiC

WiC participants become part of a network of combustion professionals who work in industry, academia and government that allow women to exchange ideas, find collaborators and advance their careers. Participants also develop online networking and support groups.

Your input is always welcome

Please contact the CI office with suggestions on new WiC events, to share quotes, pictures, bios or stories related to women in technical fields. You may also suggest improvements to the program.