Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award

The Hiroshi Tsuji Early Career Researcher Award recognizes excellence in fundamental or applied combustion science research. Co-sponsored by Elsevier and The Combustion Institute, the award and prize of US $10,000 is annually bestowed upon an early career researcher who has advanced a specific field of research within four to ten years of completing a doctoral degree or equivalent. If equally deserving candidates are presented, up to two recipients may be chosen.

The award is named after Professor Hiroshi Tsuji, whose stable porous cylinder counterflow burner configuration has influenced fundamental studies and applications in laminar and turbulent combustion.

The Combustion Institute awarded Tsuji the Bernard Lewis Gold Medal in 1988 during the 22nd International Symposium on Combustion in Seattle, Washington, United States, for outstanding research in the field of combustion, particularly on the fundamental aspect of flames. Today, university students in multiple combustion disciplines around the world are introduced to the Tsuji Burner early in their studies.


2024: Christopher Goldenstein and Zhandong Wang

2023: Jacqueline O’Connor and Wenting Sun

2022: Michael E. Mueller

2021: Michael P. Burke

2020: Zheng Chen and Michael Gollner

2019: Aamir Farooq and Greg Rieker

2018: Nicolas Noiray

2017: Matthias Ihme

2016: Adam Steinberg