Distinguished Papers

Distinguished papers are selected biennially from among the scientific papers presented during the International Symposium on Combustion and accepted for publication in the Proceedings of The Combustion Institute. One paper is selected for each represented colloquium as the most distinguished in quality, achievement, and significance.

Papers and Recipients by Colloquium

Reaction Kinetics

2019: Knowledge generation through data research: New validation targets for the refinement of kinetic mechanisms
N. Hansen, X. He, R. Griggs, K. Moshammer

2017: Quantitative HNO detection behind shock waves
Nancy Faßheber, Marvin C. Schmidt, Gernot Friedrichs

2015Adventures on the C3H5O potential energy surface: OH + propyne, OH + allene and related reactions
Judit Zádor, James A. Miller

2013Synchrotron photoionization measurements of fundamental autoignition reactions: Product formation in low-temperature isobutane oxidation
Arkke J. Eskola, Oliver Welz, John D. Savee, David L. Osborn, Craig A. Taatjes

2011Multi-species time-history measurements during n-dodecane oxidation behind reflected shock waves
D.F. Davidson, Z. Hong, G.L. Pilla, A. Farooq, R.D. Cook, R.K. Hanson

Soot, Nanoparticles, PAH and Other Large Molecules

2019: Insights into incipient soot formation by atomic force microscopy
Fabian Schulz, Mario Commodo, Katharina Kaiser, Gianluigi De Falco, Patrizia Minutolo, Gerhard Meyer, Andrea D‘Anna, Leo Gross

2017: Real-time observation of soot aggregate oxidation in an Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope
Anton D. Sediako, Charles Soong, Jane Y. Howe, Mohammad Reza Kholghy, Murray J. Thomson

2015Kinetics of nascent soot oxidation by molecular oxygen in a flow reactor
Joaquin Camacho, Yujie Tao, Hai Wang

2013Coagulation of combustion generated nanoparticles in low and intermediate temperature regimes: An experimental study
Mariano Sirignano, Andrea D’Anna

2011Carbon condensation wave in C3O2 and C2H2 initiated by a shock wave
A. Emelianov, A. Eremin, H. Jander, H.Gg. Wagner


2019: Single-ended mid-infrared laser-absorption sensor for time-resolved measurements of water concentration and temperature within the annulus of a rotating detonation engine  
Wen Yu Peng, Séan J. Cassady, Christopher L. Strand, Christopher S. Goldenstein, R. Mitchell Spearrin, Christopher M. Brophy, Jay B. Jeffries, Ronald K. Hanson

2017: Single-shot 3D flame diagnostic based on volumetric laser induced fluorescence (VLIF)
Lin Ma, Qingchun Lei, Jordan Ikeda, Wenjiang Xu, Yue Wu, Campbell D. Carter

2015Development of two-beam femtosecond/picosecond one-dimensional rotational coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy: Time-resolved probing of flame wall interactions
Alexis Bohlin, Markus Mann, Brian D. Patterson, Andreas Dreizler, Christopher J. Kliewer

2013Absolute light calibration using S-type thermocouples
Bin Ma, Marshall B. Long

2011Picosecond time-resolved pure-rotational coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy in sooting flames
Christopher J. Kliewer, Yi Gao, Thomas Seeger, Johannes Keifer, Brian Patterson, Thomas Settersten

Laminar Flames

2019: Effect of stoichiometric mixture fraction on nonpremixed H2–O2–N2 edge-flames  
Zhenghong Zhou, Siena S. Applebaum, Paul D. Ronney

2017: Stabilization and extinction of diffusion flames in an inert porous medium
M.A. Endo Kokubun, F.F. Fachini, M. Matalon

2015Self-sustaining n-heptane cool diffusion flames activated by ozone
Sang Hee Won, Bo Jiang, Pascal Diévart, Chae Hoon Sohn, Yiguang Ju

2013Behavior of preheated premixed flames at rich conditions
Joseph Gibson, Mohsen Ayoobi, Ingmar Schoegl

2011Strain rate effects on the nonlinear development of hydrodynamically unstable flames
Francesco Creta, Moshe Matalon

Turbulent Flames

2019: A mixture-fraction-based hybrid binomial Langevin-multiple mapping conditioning model  
Andrew P. Wandel, R. Peter Lindstedt

2017: The cross-scale physical-space transfer of kinetic energy in turbulent premixed flames
Jeffrey O’Brien, Colin A.Z. Towery, Peter E. Hamlington, Matthias Ihme, Alexei Y. Poludnenko, Javier Urzay

2015Heat release imaging in turbulent premixed methane-air flames close to blow-off
J. Kariuki, A. Dowlut, R. Yuan, R. Balachandran, E. Mastorakos

2013Large eddy simulation of a lifted ethylene flame using a dynamic nonequilibrium model for subfilter scalar variance and dissipation rate
Colleen M. Kaul, Venkat Raman, Edward Knudsen, Edward S. Richardson, Jacqueline H. Chen

2011Experimental study of flame-hole reignition mechanisms in a turbulent non-premixed jet flame using sustained multi-kHz PIV and crossed-plane OH PLIF
A.M. Steinberg, I. Boxx, C.M. Arndt, J.H. Frank, W. Meier

Solid Fuel Combustion

2019: A model of the chemical composition and pyrolysis kinetics of lignin  
Karla Dussan, Stephen Dooley, Rory F.D. Monaghan

2017: Flamelet LES modeling of coal combustion with detailed devolatilization by directly coupled CPD
M. Rieth, A.G. Clements, M. Rabaçal, F. Proch, O.T. Stein, A.M. Kempf

2015Simulations of heterogeneous propellant combustion: Effect of particle orientation and shape
Mathieu Plaud, Stany Gallier, Matthieu Morel

2013Combustion of microno-sized particles of titanium and zirconium
Carlo Badiola, Edward L. Dreizin

2011Experimental and numerical investigation of hetero-/homogeneous combustion of CO/H2/O2/N2 mixtures over platinum at pressures up to 5 bar
Yohannes Ghermay, John Mantzaras, Rolf Bombach

Spray, Droplet and Supercritical Combustion

2019: A hybrid droplet vaporization-chemical surrogate approach for emulating vaporization, physical properties,
and chemical combustion behavior of multicomponent fuels  
Alanna Y. Cooney, Simcha L. Singer

2017: Study of flame response to transverse acoustic modes from the LES of a 42-injector rocket engine
A. Urbano, Q. Douasbin, L. Selle, G. Staffelbach, B. Cuenot, T. Schmitt, S. Ducruix, S. Candel

2015LES of a methanol spray flame with a stochastic sub-grid model
W.P. Jones, A.J. Marquis, D. Noh

2013LES-CMC of a dilute acetone spray flame
S. Ukai, A. Kronenburg, O.T. Stein

2011Direct numerical simulations and analysis of three-dimensional n-heptane spray flames in a model swirl combustor
K. Luo, H. Pitsch, M.G. Pai, O. Desjardins

Detonations, Explosions, and Supersonic Combustion

2019: Compressible turbulent flame speeds of highly turbulent standing flames   
Jonathan Sosa, Jessica Chambers, Kareem A. Ahmed, Alexei Poludnenko, Vadim N. Gamezo

2017: The dependence of Ammonium-Nitrate Fuel-Oil (ANFO) detonation on confinement
Scott I. Jackson

2015Experimental study of spherical-flame acceleration mechanisms in large-scale propane-air flames
C. Regis Bauwens, Jeffrey M. Bergthorson, Sergey B. Dorofeev

2013Detonation re-initiation mechanism following the Mach reflection of a quenched detonation
R.R. Bhattacharjee, S.S.M. Lau-Chapdelaine, G. Maines, L. Maley, M.I. Radulescu

2011Gasdynamic model of turbulent combustion in TNT explosions
A.L. Kuhl, J.B. Bell, V.E. Beckner, H. Reichenbach

Fire Research

2019: Flame length of buoyant turbulent slot flame   
Wei Gao, Naian Liu, Yan Jiao, Xiaodong Xie, Ying Pan, Zilong Li, Xisheng Luo, Linhe Zhang, Ran Tu

2017: Oxygen index effect on the structure of a laminar boundary layer diffusion flame in a reduced gravity environment
J. Contreras, J.-L. Consalvi, A. Fuentes

2015Estimation of local mass burning rates for steady laminar boundary layer diffusion flames
Ajay V. Singh, Michael J. Gollner

2013Study of the competing chemical reactions in the initiation and spread of smouldering combustion in peat
Rory M. Hadden, Guillermo Rein, Claire M. Belcher

2011A comprehensive methodology for characterizing sprinkler sprays
Ning Ren, Howard Baum, André Marshall

Stationary Combustion Systems

2019: Mechanism and kinetics of Cu2O oxidation in chemical looping with oxygen uncoupling   
Mingze Su, Jie Cao, Xin Tian, Yongliang Zhang, Haibo Zhao

2017: Ash deposition propensity of coals/blends combustion in boilers: a modelling analysis based on multi-slagging routes
Xin Yang, Derek Ingham, Lin Ma, Nanda Srinivasan, Mohamed Pourkashanian

2015Catalytic role of conditioner CaO in nitrogen transformation during sewage sludge pyrolysis
Huan Liu, Qiang Zhang, Hongyun Hu, Peng Liu, Xiaowei Hu, Aijun Li, Hong Yao

2013The effect of pelletization on the attrition of wood under fluidized bed combustion and gasification conditions
Paola Ammendola, Riccardo Chirone, Giovanna Ruoppolo, Fabrizio Scala

2011Identifying modes of occurrence of mercury in coal by temperature programmed pyrolysis
Guangqian Luo, Hong Yao, Minghou Xu, Rajenda Gupta, Zhenghe Xu

Formation and Control of Pollutants and Greenhouse Gases

2017: Soot, organics, and ultrafine ash from air- and oxy-fired coal combustion
Myrrha E. Andersen, Nabanita Modak, Christopher K. Winterrowd, Chun Wai Lee, William L. Roberts, Jost O.L. Wendt, William P. Linak

Gas Turbine Combustion

2019: Time-resolved study of transient soot formation in an aero-engine model combustor at elevated pressure   
M. Stöhr, K.P. Geigle, R. Hadef, I. Boxx, C.D. Carter, M. Grader, P. Gerlinger

2017: A method to identify thermoacoustic growth rates in combustion chambers from dynamic pressure time series
N. Noiray, A. Denisov