Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal

The Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal recognizes distinguished, continuing, and encouraging contributions to the field of combustion. The Gold Medal is presented biennially to one scientist during the International Symposium on Combustion.

The Gold Medal is named after Sir Alfred C. Egerton (1886-1959), the first chairman of the British Section of The Combustion Institute. As a professor at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, Egerton was an acknowledged leader in Britain among scientists engaged in research in the field of combustion. His research included detonations, anti-knocking agents, and flame structure. In his later career, Egerton devised with his students, a flat-flame burner configuration that advanced the measurements of burning velocities and the knowledge of flame structure, under ideal conditions, for combustion scientists around the world.

The Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal is one of the highest awards of The Combustion Institute, presented biennially during the International Symposium on Combustion. Gold Medals are bestowed upon scientists whose major contributions have significantly advanced their fields of combustion science.


2022: Yiguang Ju

2020: William Jones

2018: Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus

2016: Philippe Dagaut

2014: Robert Barlow

2012: Frederick L. Dryer

2010: Allan N. Hayhurst

2008: Ronald K. Hanson

2006: Chung K. Law

2004: Gerard M. Faeth

2002: Ben T. Zinn

2000: Takashi Niioka

1998: Howard B. Palmer

1996: William A. Sirignano

1994: Hartwell F. Calcote

1992: Derek Bradley

1990: Graham Dixon-Lewis

1988: Antoni K. Oppenheim

1986: Janos M. Beer

1984: Adel F. Sarofim

1982: Irvin Glassman

1980: Glenn Carber Williams

1978: Seiichireo Kumagai

1976: T. Morris Sugden

1974: John P. Longwell

1972: Wm. Hinckley Avery

1970: A.R. Ubbelohde

1968: Howard W. Emmons

1966: Joseph O. Hirshfelder

1964: P. Laffitte

1962: Wilhelm Jost

1960: Hoyt C. Hottel

1958: Sir Alfred C. Egerton