The Combustion Institute is excited to announce that our new Nomination Submission Portal is now available for use. Submissions and nominations for all CI awards and honors can now be submitted through The Combustion Institute Account Management System (AMS) 

To submit a nomination, whether for a self-nomination or a nomination of a colleague, login to your AMS account, select the “Nominations” tab at the top of the home page, select the appropriate award from the “Available Nominations Submissions” drop-down menu, select “Add Nomination,” and complete the required fields. Only awards that are currently open for nominations will appear in the drop-down menu. 

You must complete all fields within the submission form, including supporting documents. The description at the top of the submission screen will indicate what you must include in the nomination submission form to be considered for the award or honor.  

Once all fields have been populated, you must select “Save and Complete” at the bottom of the screen for the nomination to be complete. Nominators will receive a confirmation email from once the nomination packet has been received. 

Questions regarding nomination submissions can be directed