The Combustion Institute Board of Directors convened a regular meeting on 23 March 2017. Several topics were discussed and decisions made regarding multiple CI programs. Refer to the summary below for points of interest that concern the international combustion community.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the 38th Board of Directors meeting that convened during the 36th International Symposium on Combustion in Coex, Seoul, Korea were formally approved.

Refer to the meeting minutes for more information.

The Fellows Program of The Combustion Institute

The Board of Directors formally accepted The Fellows Program of The Combustion Institute. Members of the international combustion community recognized by their peers as distinguished for outstanding contributions to combustion, whether it be in research or in applications, may be designated Fellows of The Combustion Institute. This lifetime honorific title confers no special rights, privileges or duties. Fellows are active participants in The Combustion Institute, as evidenced by the publishing of papers in CI affiliated journals, attendance at the International Symposia on Combustion, and/or attendance at CI Section meetings.

Call for nominations will be released in June 2017. Nominations will be due by 30 September 2017. The first class of CI Fellows will be announced in 2018.

Refer to the governing document for more information.

Guidelines to Host the International Symposium on Combustion

Several new policies have been accepted regarding the application process to host International Symposia on Combustion. Lead times for proposals and review comments have been shortened by several months. Standardized bidding templates and budget templates have also been developed and will now be available to accompany proposals.

A rotation policy has been established to ensure equality in three geographic regions for future symposia: Europe, North America and Asia. The same region should not be selected for two consecutive symposia. However, each of the three regions should not wait longer than eight years to host a symposium.

Refer to the Host Guidelines for more information.

Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors formally accepted The Combustion Institute Code of Ethics, which governs the professional conduct of members and meeting participants. CI members shall advance and uphold the integrity and dignity of their respective professions through honesty, impartiality, and avoiding conflicts of interest. Policies of diversity, privacy and copyrights, and harassment are also established.

Refer to the full Code of Ethics for more information.

Other decisions made by the Board of Directors include approved funding of Combustion Institute-Summer School initiatives, continued development of the website account management system, and a plan to help sections better maintain their membership numbers. In their role to manage the affairs, property, and interests of The Combustion Institute, the BOD makes a great commitment of time and energy to the international combustion community.