Universities, Combustion Institute Sections, and other qualified organizations are encouraged to submit a proposal to host a Combustion Institute-Summer School Program in accordance with the guidelines posted on The Combustion Institute website’s summer schools page. The deadline for proposals to host a 2024 CI-SS program is 31 May 2023.

Combustion Institute-Summer Schools (CI-SS) are conducted in a diverse array of countries around the world. Each CI-SS program serves to promote international scientific participation and the global growth of combustion science. Summer schools address a multitude of combustion fields such as sustainable energy supply, the impact of combustion on our environment, safe and cheap transportation, and fire suppression. These education initiatives correspond to societal needs and benefit the public.

CI-SS programs provide interested parties, mainly graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, the opportunity to receive an intensive educational experience and foster a new generation of combustion scientists. Student participants meet world-renowned scientists and work to build their own international network.

The proven success of the CI-SS initiative further enhances the international combustion community’s outreach activities. More information about the background, objectives, proposal formatting, financial support by CI, and the selection process for CI-SS programs are presented in the guidelines.

Questions regarding Combustion Institute-Summer Schools may be directed to the CI office at Office@CombustionInstitute.org.