The National Science Foundation (NSF), United States has announced the removal of deadlines for the Combustion and Fire Systems Program in the Division of Chemical, Biological, Environmental, and Transport Systems (CBET). Combustion scientists and practitioners are encouraged to read the Dear Colleague Letter that was released on 27 July 2017.

The traditional window of submitting unsolicited proposals has been removed. Beginning 20 August 2017, the Combustion and Fire Systems Program will accept proposals at any time throughout the year. There will no longer be any restriction on when an unsolicited proposal can be submitted for consideration.

By accepting proposals at any time, investigators will have more time to prepare proposals and build strong collaborations, think more creatively without the pressure of a deadline, and (if desired) propose more complex, interdisciplinary projects that have the potential to dramatically advance science. Spreading proposal submissions more evenly over the year may also reduce the burden on investigators, reviewers, and submitting institutions.

To learn more about the NSF Combustion and Fire Systems program refer to the guidelines. For additional information regarding the removal of deadlines for this program, please refer to the Dear Colleague Letter and Frequently Asked Questions.