One of the critical phases of executing a successful International Symposium on Combustion is the paper review process. We are honored to invite members of the combustion community to this process as reviewers for the 40th International Symposium in 2024. In accepting this role, we will implore reviewers to complete as many reviews as possible. This is important because over 4000 reviews will need to be performed in the span of approximately four weeks. 

For those interested, please register as a reviewer by completing the Reviewer Google Form. If you have trouble accessing the Google Form, you can download and complete the Word Doc found here, and email a PDF version of your reviewer information sheet to If preferred, a PDF template is also available for you to review and complete here. Please complete all portions of the form, as these responses will provide information to the Colloquium Co-Chairs (CCCs) who may be unfamiliar with your research and allow them to assign papers to best utilize your expertise. Forms should be completed by 30 August 2023. We encourage you to review the colloquia titles and descriptions for the 40th Symposium, as there have been some slight changes. These changes are available for review in the 40th ISOC Call for Papers.

Additionally, please keep the following schedule in mind when you are deciding the total number of reviews you can complete. The deadline for paper submissions is 4 December 2023. The CCCs will begin to assign reviewers at the end of December 2023, and completed reviews will be due by 28 January 2024. This framework provides reviewers with four weeks to complete their reviews. It is critical that all reviews are received within this timeframe, so all authors receive the reviews at the same time.

Once the review process begins, the CCs and CCCs will be looking to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each paper. Your detailed comments will be used by the colloquium teams to determine if a paper should be recommended for presentation at the 40th Symposium. Given the importance of these reviews, superficial and/or very short reviews may be disregarded.

Finally, if you would like to recommend someone to serve as a reviewer, please email their name and email address to the CI Office at In addition, we encourage you to share this information with your fellow members of the combustion community. Being able to increase the reviewer pool will help the CCCs ensure that each paper receives three independent reviews.