The Combustion Institute is excited to announce the banquet site for the CI’s 40th International Symposium – Emphasizing Energy Transition. The banquet and awards presentation will be held at the Alfa Romeo Museum, which displays the legendary story of the brand through a meticulously crafted installation that embodies its core values: a rich historical legacy, timeless beauty, and unwavering speed – all integral parts of Alfa Romeo’s identity.

For this special evening, The Combustion Institute invites you on a journey through a century of history with a pre-dinner visit to the historic museum. Explore a timeline of masterpieces, from the grand touring cars of the twenties and thirties, to the post-World War II resurgence, to the golden eras of the Giulia and Giulietta, to the daring innovations introduced by the Alfetta and Alfasud. The journey continues into more recent times, both embracing the present and looking towards the future.

Following the museum visit, the attendees will be offered an aperitif and a seated dinner in one of the impressive rooms of the museum. Guests will have a chance to enjoy delightful Italian dishes in an environment adorned with design, beauty, history, and innovation, symbolizing the excellence of “Made in Italy.”

Private bus transfers to the museum will be organized from the Allianz MiCo Convention Center.

For more information on the museum click here.