The Combustion Institute congratulates the 2022 medalists and award winners, recognized during the 39th International Symposium on Combustion in Vancouver, Canada. Winners were selected for their significant contributions in the field of combustion. The CI also thanks and congratulates the award committees, who were responsible for seeking nominations and selecting winners from among those in our international community of combustion scientists and practitioners.

The 2022 award winners are as follows:

Bernard Lewis Gold Medal

Awarded to Hideaki Kobayashi, Tohoku University, Japan

For brilliant research on high pressure turbulent premixed flames and ammonia combustion for decarbonization.

2022 Bernard Lewis Gold Medal Winner Hideaki Kobayashi


Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal

Awarded to Yiguang Ju, Princeton University, United States

For distinguished, continuing, and encouraging contributions to the field of combustion.

2022 Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal Winner Yiguang Ju


Ya B. Zeldovich Gold Medal

Awarded to Henry Curran, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

For outstanding contributions to the theory of computational chemistry, providing kinetics modeling tools used widely for many types of fuel.

2022 Ya. B. Zeldovich Gold Medal Winner Henry Curran


Jürgen Warnatz Gold Medal

Awarded to Marcus Aldén, Lund University, Sweden

For exceptional scientific contributions on the development and application of advanced laser diagnostics for combustion.

2022 Jürgen Warnatz Gold Medal Winner Marcus Aldén


Silver Combustion Medal

Awarded to Thibault F. Guiberti, Yedhu Krishna, Wesley R. Boyette, Chaobo Yang, William L. Roberts, and Gaetano Magnotti

For the authoritative paper, Single-shot imaging of major species and OH mole fractions and temperature in non-premixed H2/N2 flames at elevated pressure, presented at the 38th International Symposium on Combustion.

39th ISOC Silver Combustion Medal Winners

Please join The Combustion Institute in congratulating these esteemed members of the international combustion community. Questions regarding awards may be directed to: