In a world that is at once increasingly global and remote, it is more vital than ever to forge connections. In order to connect, discuss, and foster both academic and personal relationships, we are hosting a virtual forum on the free communication platform, Discord. Within the server, “Women in Combustion,” you’ll find a “text channel” entitled #38th-symposium, where a general discussion about Elsevier’s 2020 Gender report will take place.  

To join us on Discord, click here. (Note: this invite link never expires, so you can access the Discord forum even after the Symposium ends.) You will be prompted to enter some information in order to join the Discord chat: 

  • Username: please enter your first and last name, and whatever numerical/special characters you need to add to make the username unique to you 
  • Your date of birth 
  • Your email and a password 

We understand that this is yet another login and password you need to remember, but with your active and courteous engagement, it will be worth the effort.   

You do not need to download Discord to your machine (though it is free to download if you wish). The invite link will allow you to engage in Discord in your web browser.   

While the majority of our forum will take place in the “text channel” entitled #38th-symposium, you can also call, video-chat, and share screens with people in the “voice channel.” 

Please direct any questions about Discord to