After receiving many impressive applications in 2023, CI President Philippe Dagaut selected 12 women to serve on the Women in Combustion Advisory Committee (WiCAC). This committee was carefully chosen to ensure diversity and efficiency in generating and implementing ideas and recommendations. Its members represent diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, including professionals from academia, industry, research institutions, and government organizations.

One of the initial tasks of the WiCAC will be planning the Women in Combustion Luncheon at the 40th International Symposium– Emphasizing Energy Transition in Milan, Italy. All symposium attendees are welcome and encouraged to attend, although registration is limited and required. The goal of the event is to encourage women in combustion from around the world to meet and network with one another while identifying common challenges to address in the future.

More information about the CI’s Women in Combustion Initiative and its history can be found here.