The Combustion Institute is pleased to announce the 2023 class of Fellows of The Combustion Institute. As dedicated members of the international combustion community, the 15 elected Fellows are recognized by their peers as distinguished for outstanding contributions to combustion, whether they be in research or in applications.

Fellows are active participants in The Combustion Institute, as evidenced by the publishing of papers in CI affiliated journals, attendance at the International Symposia on Combustion, and/or attendance at CI Section meetings. The lifetime honorific title of Fellow of The Combustion Institute benefits elected members as it identifies them as exceptional in their applications for awards, honors, and promotions. The honor also supports CI members in their advancement to leadership positions in their own institutions and in broader society. No additional rights, privileges, or duties are attached to this honorific title.

Each year, a Fellows Selection Committee convenes, evaluates nominees, and selects candidates to become Fellows. Eligible candidates must have been a member of The Combustion Institute for at least the previous five years. Nominations are submitted by a nominator and two supporters. Self-nominations are not accepted, and Fellows Selection Committee members may not nominate or support a candidate. Nominated candidates not elected the first year of their nomination will be under consideration for the following two years’ election cycles, with the nominator being given the opportunity to update a candidate’s nomination package each year.

For more information about the Fellows program, refer to the governing document accepted by the Board of Directors. Questions regarding nominations may be directed to the CI office at