While the 39th Symposium was planned as an in-person meeting, we understand that visa processing issues and travel restrictions are making it impossible for some registrants to attend the Symposium in person. For this reason, some exceptions will be made to allow for virtual participation. If you are experiencing exceptional circumstances that prevent you from attending in person and need to participate virtually, you are asked to contact the Organizing Secretariat at combustion.registration@mzevents.it.

Regarding those delivering presentations, regardless of your mode of attendance, all authors will be required to submit a recorded version of their presentation prior to the Symposium. Additionally, even if you are not able to attend physically, an in-person delivery of your presentation is preferred. Under such circumstances, we request that a co-author or suitable alternate deliver the presentation in person. However, if no one is available to deliver the presentation in person, the recorded version will be broadcast during the scheduled presentation time.