The Board of Directors Nominating Committee has selected and President James F. Driscoll has approved a slate of 18 candidates for the 2018 Board of Directors election. Please review the candidate profiles presented on this temporary page. Each profile consists of a photograph of the candidate, a one-page statement, and curriculum vitae.

Nine directors will be elected by the membership through the electronic election process first implemented in 2014. The election will use a modified STV process in 2018. The modification ensures at least two candidates from industry are elected, consistent with the BOD’s goal of maintaining its industrial representation.

Active members with a confirmed email address will receive an electronic ballot to participate in the election on 15 June. Voting members will have until 16 July to respond.

Results of the election will be publicly announced at the 37th International Symposium on Combustion in Dublin, Ireland that will convene from Sunday, 29 July through Friday, 3 August 2018. The elected directors will begin their six-year terms at the conclusion of the symposium and serve through the conclusion of the 40th Symposium in 2024.

Election of directors is conducted biennially. Please refer to The Combustion Institute By-Laws for more information about the Board of Directors. Questions regarding the election may be directed to: