The Combustion Institute seeks news about advancements in combustion research and major scientific awards bestowed upon members of our international community. The increased consumption of scientific information through the growing adoption of web-based technology has provided CI the opportunity to quickly and effectively promote advancements within the international combustion community and beyond. Disseminating the challenging and interdisciplinary issues our members address is an important component of the work that leads to benefits for society.

Over the past couple of years, The Combustion Institute has successfully enhanced our communications practices. We’ve adopted new tools such as bulk email and our growing social media channels to cultivate a larger audience. Using Google analytics tools and tagging active blog articles with targeted keywords, we’ve significantly increased website traffic. A large portion of that traffic consists of new visitors. We can continue this positive trend by publishing news that spotlights transformational research and the recognition of our members.

Internally, The Combustion Institute has continued to build upon our Account Management System (AMS), with more CI members activating accounts on a regular basis. Active accounts provide members more opportunities, such as the ability to vote in the upcoming Board of Directors election.

It is the goal of The Combustion Institute to heavily participate in the world’s changing communications dynamics. We are increasing awareness of the benefits related to combustion science, and by sharing the accomplishments of our community, we’ll continue to reach more audiences.

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