Volume 36 of the Proceedings of The Combustion Institute (PROCI) will ship by late February 2017 to those who placed advanced orders during registration for the 36th International Symposium on Combustion in Seoul, Korea. Verified members of a CI Section who did not place an advanced order may contact CI with their name, billing address, and shipping address. Elsevier will then provide a member discount on a print volume.

Immediate access to individual research papers published in PROCI are also available as PDF download articles in press online through Science Direct. Most research libraries and institutions within the international combustion community have active accounts. Researchers not affiliated with a participating institution may purchase access to individual PROCI papers.

Proceedings of The Combustion Institute contains forefront contributions in fundamentals and applications of combustion science. For more than 50 years, The Combustion Institute has served as the peak international society for the dissemination of scientific and technical research in the combustion field. In addition to author submissions, PROCI includes CI’s prestigious invited strategic and topical reviews that represent indispensable resources for emergent research in the field. All papers are subjected to rigorous peer review.

If you placed an advanced order for PROCI and it does not arrive by mid-March 2017, or if you have other questions, contact the CI office: Office@CombustionInstitute.org.