The Combustion Institute Board of Directors will convene a regular meeting on 26 October 2017. Several topics are on the agenda, including membership growth, meeting registration opportunities, and symposium site guidelines. Refer to the summary below for points of interest that concern the international combustion community.

Membership Roadmap

The launch of The Combustion Institute Account Management System (AMS) at the end of December 2016 provided an opportunity for The Combustion Institute to reestablish accounts with members throughout the international combustion community. Administrative efforts with CI Section Chairs to update their member listings has proven successful. Over the course of 2017, CI has experienced a 122% increase in member accounts within the AMS. Each of those accounts are confirmed as members in good standing with their respective CI Section Administrators.

Meeting Registrations

The Combustion Institute Account Management System (AMS) was employed for its first meeting registration event for the 26th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS) this past summer. The AMS was then used to conduct registrations and submissions for the 2017 WSSCI Fall Technical Meeting earlier this month.

The success of those two events has prepared The Combustion Institute to conduct registrations and submissions for any CI Section meeting. The AMS can conduct registrations using special characters to ensure native languages are respected. Payment gateway technology permits the AMS to filter registration fees directly to a CI Section bank account.

Guidelines to Host the International Symposium on Combustion

Several new policies were accepted by the Board of Directors during the regular March meeting regarding the Guidelines to Host the International Symposium on Combustion. During the October meeting, the BOD will discuss the best manner for symposium proposals to be presented to the BOD, and an efficient manner for directors to provide feedback to bidders. CI Sections that plan to submit proposals for 2022 will be the first organizations affected by the guidelines adopted in March.

The Combustion Institute will post the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting and publish a meeting summary article in early 2018. In their role to manage the affairs, property, and interests of The Combustion Institute, the BOD makes a great commitment of time and energy to the international combustion community.

Questions regarding BOD topics or CI programs can be directed to: