First ranked photograph from the Third Festival of Flame Photographs in 2015

The Fourth Festival of Flame Photographs, hosted by the Iran Section of The Combustion Institute, is an international competition open to all people regardless of their field of science. Combustion scientists and practitioners can submit up to three photos of flames by 3 February 2017*. Photos must be accompanied by technical descriptions, including flame specifications and camera settings.

Simplification of complex combustion concepts to increase scientific comprehension is an imperative goal of the festival. Flame photography is a tool to attract people to learn more about combustion science. After three successful festivals, the Iran Section is enthusiastic about the fourth festival, which has proven to enhance the knowledge and interest of young scientists and students in combustion.

To participate in the Fourth Festival of Flame Photographs:

  1. Participants can submit up to three photos from any combustion related field.
  2. Deadline for submissions: 3 February 2017*.
  3. Each photo is to have a scientific-technical description, including flame specifications and camera settings.
  4. Photo modifications are not allowed after submission.
  5. Submitted photos must have been captured by the participant.
  6. Submissions must include the participant’s full name, telephone number, and university attended.
  7. Submissions must be sent to the Iranian Section email address:

Frequently asked questions:

What do scientific-technical descriptions include?
They include camera settings (like zoom lens), flame specifications (type and size of the flame), burnt material, and other details.

How can one send the photos?
Each participant can submit up to three photos with the appropriate descriptions to the Iranian Section of The Combustion Institute email address with the complete information of the participant:

Is it possible to submit photos from any subjects?
Yes. Participants can submit photo from any subjects as long as the photo represents at least one facet of combustion science such as flame, combustion technologies, combustion and environment, etc.

Is it possible to modify or change the photos after sending?
No. Once the photos are sent, no modification is allowed.

Is it possible to send only one photo?
Yes. Participants can submit one, two, or three photos.

Who can participate in this festival?
All people who are interested in photography and combustion science can submit photos and participate in the festival.

*Article Update: The deadline for photo submissions has been extended to 3 February 2017.