The Combustion Institute is pleased to announce the establishment of the first Early Career Advisory Committee. The committee is charged with the responsibility to provide the Executive Committee advice on programs and new initiatives from the perspective of early career scientists and practitioners. The committee consists of 12 members who have agreed to serve staggered two-year and three-year terms.

The following is a list of committee members based on term length:

Term Ends in 2019
Akihiro Hayakawa, Tohoku University, Japan
Christopher Kliewer, Sandia National Laboratories, United States
Chin Yik Lee, Rolls-Royce, United Kingdom
Michael Mueller, Princeton University, United States
Jackie O’Connor, Pennsylvania State University, United States
Zhuyin Ren, Tsinghua University, China
Zeynep Serinyel, Universite d’Orleans, CNRS, France
Mariano Sirignano, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy

Term Ends in 2020
Patton Allison, Michigan State University, United States
Nicole Labbe, University of Colorado, United States
Mani Sarathy, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
Jennifer Sidey, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The Early Career Advisory Committee will meet on a continuous basis and evaluate programs, journals, and new initiatives from the perspective of combustion scientists and practitioners at the beginning of their careers. The committee will discuss the gathering of teaching materials and information databases, offer advice on education opportunities, and recommend promotional activities. Decisions will be provided to the Executive Committee to ensure The Combustion Institute programs respect the needs of early career researchers.

Questions regarding the Early Career Advisory Committee may be directed to: