The 26th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS), hosted by FM Global, will convene at Boston University, United States, from Sunday, 30 July through Friday, 4 August 2017. Participants will be able to register for the meeting through The Combustion Institute website once early registration opens.

ICDERS is the premier international forum for the presentation of scientific contributions in the fields of explosions and unsteady combustion, where there is strong coupling between reaction and fluid mechanics. Recognized by The Combustion Institute as a specialists meeting on the fluid dynamics of combustion, the biennial colloquium convenes on alternate years than the International Symposium on Combustion. The 26th ICDERS will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the meeting series.

The Dynamics of Explosions is primarily concerned with flows in which the medium’s compressibility is a major factor: for example, detonations. Reactive Systems refers primarily to flows in which transient reactions or rapid fluid deformations play key roles: for example, ignition phenomena and the interaction of flames with turbulence. These definitions are intentionally broad and include fluid systems with a variety of additional chemical and physical effects. The meeting will encompass and welcomes both basic and applied research. Specific examples of contributions and topics from previous years can be found by visiting the website of the Institute for Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems, which has information about previous meetings.

The scientific program consists of contributed oral presentations, poster sessions, and plenary and special sessions during the week-long colloquium. It is ICDERS policy to encourage intensive discussions on basic and applied research of fundamental and timely topics. A digital version of the Proceedings of the Colloquium, which includes the extended abstracts of presented papers, will be distributed to participants at the meeting.

ICDERS was founded in 1967 by N. Manson, A.K. Oppenheim, and R. Soloukhin. The biennial meeting provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of research primarily concerned with explosions and unsteady combustion events where there is strong coupling between reaction and fluid mechanics. Visit the colloquium website for more information about the scientific program, work-in-progress poster submissions, venue, and accommodations.