The Combustion Institute Board of Directors Nominating Committee, chaired by Phillip Westmoreland have selected, and President James F. Driscoll has approved 16 candidates for the 2020 elections. Members are encouraged to review the full slate of candidates prior to the election process.

Eight directors will be elected by the membership from the slate of candidates. Members will be able to vote electronically using the single transferable vote (STV) election process first implemented in 2014. The election will use a modified STV process to ensure at least three of the candidates elected are females, consistent with the Board’s goal of increasing diversity.

Active members with a confirmed email address will receive a ballot to participate in the election. Electronic ballots will be sent to members 1 June. Members have until 30 June to respond. 

Results of the election will be publicly announced at the beginning of July 2020. Election of directors is conducted biennially. Members of the Board of Directors serve six-year terms.

Please refer to The Combustion Institute By-Laws for more information about the Board of Directors. Questions regarding the election may be directed to: