Photo caption: Jim Driscoll, current CI President (2016-2020), Rob Barlow, Assaad Masri and Ron Hanson at the 37th International Symposium on Combustion in Dublin, Ireland

In this fourth installment of a seven-part series of articles, The Combustion Institute recognizes combustion scientists who were honored with medals and awards during the 37th International Symposium on Combustion. Assaad Masri is the 2018 recipient of the Jürgen Warnatz Gold Medal, for pioneering experimental investigations of turbulent gaseous and spray flames and seminal contributions to the understanding of turbulence-chemistry interactions.

Professor Assaad Masri has led pioneering research in the turbulent combustion of gaseous fuels, dilute and dense spray flames, and atomization processes. His innovations in the design of burners that embody specific research issues such as turbulence-chemistry or droplet-turbulence interactions has advanced knowledge in these fields. Seven of Masri’s burners are now adopted throughout the International Workshops on Turbulent Nonpremixed Flames (TNF) and Turbulent Combustion of Sprays (TCS).

Measurements performed both at Sydney and Sandia National Laboratories in collaboration with Dr. Robert Barlow have led to a unique and challenging bank of benchmark data used worldwide to develop, validate, and advance numerical approaches. Prof. Masri’s most recent contribution lies in exploring increasingly dense spray flames and mixed-mode combustion of gaseous fuels. His studies of atomization have led to the identification of key fluid structures that dominate the secondary break-up region.

In 1987, Prof. Masri received his Ph.D. from the University of Sydney where he is now a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Between 2011 and 2016, he held a prestigious Australian Professorial Fellowship awarded by The Australian Research Council. With Prof. Robert Bilger, he was awarded the Silver Medal of The Combustion Institute in 1986. Prof. Masri has served on the Editorial Boards of several journals and is the current Chairman of the Australia and New Zealand section of The Combustion Institute. With Prof. Peter Glarborg, he served as Co-Chair of the 36th Symposium in Seoul, and with Professor Bassam Dally, he is leading preparations for the upcoming 38th Symposium in Adelaide in 2020. He will also serve as the next Chair of the Fellows Selection Committee of The Combustion Institute.

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