The third edition of Numerical Simulation of Power Plants and Firing Systems has been released as a university textbook and reference for professionals of power plant and process engineering industries. The editors, Professors Heimo Walter, Technical University Vienna, Austria, and Bernd Epple, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany, have combined mathematical and, in particular, numerical methods with the modelling of complex problems in process engineering.

The book presents a comprehensive collection of the knowledge necessary for numerical simulation of chemical plants and especially power plants and firing systems. Detailed models of fluid mechanics, chemical engineering, and heat and mass transfer are explained by application cases in thermal plants. The book is a reference for mathematicians in the fields of numerical technical applications. Students learn how different scientific disciplines contribute to the solution of technical problems and the capabilities of state-of-the-art mathematical methods.

A total of 12 professors and Ph.D. students with specializations in combustion, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, chemical reaction, and numerical simulations have contributed their research and papers for Numerical Simulation of Power Plants and Firing Systems. The contributors, in alphabetical order are: Falah Alobaid, Ognjan Bozic, Bernd Epple, Reinhard Leithner, Wladimir Linzer, Horst Müller, Karl Ponweiser, Martin Strelow, Heimo Walter, Andreas Werner, Adam Witkowski, and Henning Zindler.

About Numerical Simulation of Power Plants and Firing Systems
The book comprises the fundamentals of the numerical simulation of fluid flows as well as the modelling of a power plant and plant components. The fundamental equations for heat and mass transfer will be prepared for the application in the numerical simulation. Selected numerical methods will be discussed in detail. The book will deal with the gas, as well as with the water/steam flow. Regulation and controller, simplified models, hybrid models, and the validation of measurement data are also included in the book.